May 2, 2008

Why I Love Loyola…

Posted in Loyola at 7:48 am by Krishnadev

What’s the easiest way to identify a Loyolite?


            Some would say you can identify a Loyolite by the way he talks, the way he dresses and the way he conducts himself. I beg to disagree. I’ve known many Loyolites, seniors, juniors and from my own batch who are as far removed from the above statement as humanely possible. But still, they too are Loyolites. So, what’s the easiest sure shot way to identify a Loyolite? Just tell him, “Loyola Sucks!” If you can walk away without any damage, physically or otherwise, then the guy you just talked to is not a Loyolite (Unless of course you weigh twice as much as him). And in case, you walk away with a black eye, BINGO! You’ve found yourself a Loyolite!! Now, this characteristic response by a Loyolite, ‘defending’ or rather ‘attacking for’ his school, does not surprise any one of us Loyolites, because, we love our school dearly and we’d do anything for the reputation of our love. Recently, a friend (a senior) in college identified this trait correctly and asked me, “How come all you Loyolites love your school so much? What do those people do to you over there?” For all the love I have for my school, I couldn’t find an answer! Strange as it may seem, I simply didn’t know why I loved Loyola.


            Some batches may say it’s the friendships they forged in school that makes it so dear to them. They say that the love for each other within them manifests itself as a love for the school which facilitated the blossoming of that love. But in my case, that’s not entirely true. I mean, I do have friends from school, my best friend continues to be a Loyolite and I do share with each of my Loyolite friends, a very cordial relationship. But that’s it… just cordial. Not a ‘die for each other’ kind of friendship. On the other hand, college has gifted me with friends who are not just ‘friends’ but are really ‘FRIENDS’! I truly and honestly believe that my college friends would stand by me and help me more than most of my school friends in the event of a crisis in my life. Not that my Loyolite friends are bad people or insincere or selfish or anything, but that somehow I just didn’t strike as much a chord with them as I did with my college friends.


            “So, if it aint friendship, it must be the teachers”, says my friend and Loyolite ‘Hari’ on hearing my dilemma. Hmmm… True, Loyola teachers have always been a source of inspiration, support and confidence for me. Definitely one area where Loyola scores over CET, the teachers in school are simply GREAT! “You : Them” could be like “TVS Scooty : Suzuki Hayabusa” academically speaking and yet you could approach them at anytime, anywhere and anyhow and ask them whatever you want. Not just about studies but also about anything else that might affect the life of a 17 year old. Loyola teachers are simply mind-blowing in that respect. But then again that too was not my area. Even though I knew I could confide in my Loyola teachers, I never actually did. Knowing something is possible and actually doing it are a world apart. Here too, the blame may focus on me but still the fact remains that though I love my teachers very very much, that cannot be pointed out as a reason as to why I love Loyola.


            “Maybe it’s the administration”, the thought crosses my mind for just one second and I’m already thinking I must have gone mad for thinking so! This is definitely one area where I know I’m vindicated in my stand by most of my contemporary Loyolites. Fr. Varghese Anikuzhy has been the Principal of Loyola when I reached a ‘thinking age’ and he has continued to hold the same post till date. I do not want to criticize the policies and decisions of a person more than thrice my age but I can sure tell that I, for one person, surely did not approve of them. Though we were taught to think freely, the free thinking could go on only as long as it didn’t challenge the sometimes repressive policies adopted by the school management to ‘discipline children’. From banning school excursions and cancelling the second trips to crowding the school with ‘outsiders’ (I’m referring to the granting of admission to outsiders rather than our ‘home-boys’ in HSC 11th) and demeaning the school youth festival, I found fault in many actions of the school management. Surely then, I couldn’t love my school for its management! It would amount to blasphemy to even suggest the idea


            “The facilities in school perhaps?” True, Loyola had one of the biggest campuses among schools in Thiruvananthapuram atleast. And what more, that campus was surely the greenest in the city! Loyola was the only school where you could sneak out of classes and coax Fr. Vice Principal into opening the Audio-Visual room for you to watch a very belligerent Sachin Tenduikar whack the living daylights out of Shoaib Akthar in South Africa  or a blistering knock by one Mr. MS Dhoni to reach 189*. The computer lab with its 1KB-something RAM computers, the multimedia lab, the 2 BB courts and of course the 3 huge grounds! Truly, Loyola was a mammoth speaking facility-wise. (Mind you, I haven’t even mentioned LA Fest!) And now the mammoth has got bigger tusks implanted in the form of the largest (I hear) indoor stadium in Thiruvananthapuram. But do you love the mammoth simply for its size? I think not. All these facilities in Loyola might have played a great role in shaping me but honestly, anyone with money could do all this. There’s nothing ‘Loyolish’ in any of these (excluding LA Fest of course). It simply ain’t the facilities.


            “What else?”, I ask my confused brain. And then I get this idea to try and find the answer comparing by Loyola and CET. Something that is foolish to do, as both are entirely different, but still something that is do-able. As I pointed out earlier, I have closer friends in CET, I have the added pleasure of talking and interacting with girls (one thing Loyolites have experienced only limitedly), I have been given more respect as a student (atleast by the canteen staff, if not the teachers!) I have an entire 120 acre campus (20 times that of Loyola) to roam and of course I have stepped on to a bigger stage in CET. But inspite of all this, I love Loyola more than I love CET. I’d jokingly say to anyone, “Oh! CET!! Daey, we too are equally thara as you.” But about Loyola I’d always say, “We truly are a class apart!” The WE in Loyolites’ case has a higher meaning and a higher value than the WE in CET’s case. And it’s then that the answer strikes me.


            It’s now that I realize the truth. It’s not the friends, it’s not the teachers, it’s surely not the administration, and it’s not the facilities that make me love Loyola as I do. Relationships may wither with time, be it friends or teachers; facilities are just material things that may vanish faster than you can say “Earthquake!”  The reason is something else. It simply is the spirit in me… the Loyola spirit. Each one of us Loyolites may define ‘the Loyola spirit’ differently but it resides in all of us. And in spite of the numerous definitions we may have given it, the Loyola spirit has one common attribute – It makes you love Loyola. And that truly is what makes me proud to declare myself a Loyolite. That is what makes me a ‘loyoliteforlife’ as my yahoo ID spells out.


Cheer Loyola’s sons!



  1. ganesh said,

    good post da…its true tat ur relationship with quite a number of ur classmates is just cordial..u get more of the “die for u “kind of friends in college…nd ya teachers nd facilities nd administration(dunno how it came to ur mind for even sec) all play a limited part…u have put in words wat quite a few of us couldnt when askd y we love skool so much….

  2. ajith said,

    great one kichu….

    it has been one of my long cherished desire to start a blog and flag off the same by writing something abt Loyola just the way u did it…its like,u read my mind.. i disagree with only one point, on who the better friends are… else,everything that u wrote is pucca.. kudos Kichu


  3. Krishnadev said,

    @ Aji
    Glad to hear you liked it… Abt the one disagreement, well.. experiences in life teach you many things. And they do vary from person to person. Right? 😉

  4. pR@tz said,

    hey kichu… you are tagged

  5. Damn, I thought I’d commented in this!! My net might’ve got disconnected before I’d posted the comment, maybe.

    Anyways, every word of what you wrote is true, dude! Miss school badly! 😦

  6. renjitth said,

    man that was good it bought tears to my eyes seriously keep on blogging

  7. Syam Nath S. said,

    youve put into word whats beeen on my midn for AGES

    i just didnt know how to explain it
    and i see that ur words are so true.. i think every loyolite will agreee

    butbut….. ihave better opinion of friends from loyola than college
    even YOUR friend hari means more to me than anyone in college

    awesome post chetto

    (p.s this still dosnt mean i forgive u for telling ur mom AKA my maths teaacher. about me bunking class)

  8. Ashik said,

    All true..but i disagree about the friends part;i dunno if i would meet a better bunch of guys than my classmates in Loyola.In college I meet a helluva lot of shit brains; and I wont even compare them to any one of those Loyolites who made my life.

  9. n i t i n said,

    yeah truly rock!

    Just when I was wondering how I would ever put all that I had in my mind to words…and then This post! … is one of the ‘Awesomest’ I must say…
    I miss school already!!!

    keep these posts coming chetto….

    Cheer Loyola Sons!

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